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Future developments
We have a long term development plan for facilities at Keysoe
In 2014 we refurbished our 110 x 40 metre training arena with a sand and CLOPF surface, and used the old surface to improve our 160 x 80 turf arena.  Both these arenas will have automatic watering systems installed for summer 2015
In 2014 we have added IRO 300 tons of topsoil to Cross Country course, to level imperfections in the turf.  We have overseeded this at a high rate with top quality “divot mix” racecourse grass seed.
We have widened the rides through the woodland part of the course, to allow fresh ground for every track and every event
We have put down a new schooling field, that runs between top and bottom water complex.  The plan is to have permanent schooling availability (subject to weather) from February to October, and for the courses to only be used for events, and short runs of schooling, so that ground will never become tired again.  This should be established and useable from May 2015
We are putting in a permanent all weather schooling area next to the “training arena” this will have a bank complex, ditches and a dewpond water complex.  This will guarantee 12 month schooling facilities at Keysoe (we anticipate that “out of season” we will put portables on the training arena to give a full set of fences for schooling).  We will base a full “training” course of fences around this area to give a 60cms course within one viewing area perfect for young riders and young horses
The indoor arenas are being improved with Martin Collins ex-Olympia surface (it is the best we could find), and planning application is in for an extension of the indoor arena complex by 30 metres.  This will give a main arena 66 x 30 metres, a second arena 60 x 30 and space for a bar between the two.
We are applying for 500kW of wind turbine power.  This will make the site carbon negative
We are also applying for 8 holiday let units on site, that we intend to use on a short term let basis
Equestrian retail will come in house July 2015
We plan to grow our number of permanent stables to cover all normal shows
We intend to add hospitality areas to indoor complex as a second phase to the complex development

BD Senior Inter Regional 2015 will move back to May, but tests will count as regional qualifiers





31/01-01/02/15 2 day show including all FEI levels

14-15/03/15 Under 25 High Profile Show

24-26/04/15 Premier Show (inc Young Horse & U21)

16-17/05/15 Senior Inter-Regional

27-28/06/15 BYRDS Inter Regional Competition

12/07/15 BD Eastern Inter Counties

01-08/08/15 BDEastern Regional Championship

Tue 30th - Wed 31st July BYRDS Home International

09-11/01/15 British Showjumping Development Classic

07/02/15 Joshua Jones Discovery

13-15/02/15 British Showjumping 3 day including Winter Amateur

07-08/03/15 Keysoe Small Pony Premier Show Jumping

05-07/06/15 3 day Amateur British Showjumping

05/07/15 Pony Newcomers Second Round

07-09/07/15 Keysoe Outdoor CSI 1* & 2* International Show Jumping

08-09/08/15 Bronze and Silver League Semi Finals

27-29/11/15 Keysoe Indoor CSI 1* & 2* International Show Jumping

09-11/05/15 Keysoe BE (1) - 80/90/100/100O/N/ON/I/OI

28-30/08/15 Keysoe BE (2) - 80/90/100/100O/N/ON/I/OI

Unaffiliated Events - 12/04/15, 25/05/15, 21/06/15, 20/09/15

endurance 13/09/15 CEI */**
  03-05/04/15 Indoor Driving Championships
Training Arena Available for hire  

110m x 40 metre training arena available for hire at weekends by groups and clubs. We can either hire a part of the arena for a "one on one" clinic at £10 per hour, half arena (suitable for one group) for £25 per hour, or full arena for multiple rides at £40 per hour.

Cafe will be open (as we will have a show on) and there will be separate parking available at the arena

Cross Country  
Cross Country Courses is avaliable for schooling from February (closed from start of october). £25 per horse, discounted to £20 for horses entered in a competition on that day. Please check header for status of course - if it is wet, call office to check we are open




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