Cross Country schooling is open, revamped and drained £35 per horse
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Keysoe CDI International Dressage15-17/03/19 click for further information

start lists and results will be posted live on Keysoe Facebook page

£12 per day spectator entry throughout show - book through office

New Spring Summer lines in Keysoe Boutique





Keysoe developments

CPEDI coming October '19

Outdoor arena refurbishment March '19

Cross Country schooling expansion and drainage Winter '18 - opening February '19

Indoor hospitality completed February '19

100 new show stables completed July '18

Indoor surface refurbish July '18

3 new all weather dressage arenas completed May '18


2016 developments so far include replacement of older hook ups with individually fused units, with around 90 box capacity; expansion and refurbishment of top water complex, and new routes at the bottom of the course, addition of 20 show stables in a new american barn, irrigation system on Clopf arena

Future plans are 20 additional show stables, and the seeding of paddocks for an additional livery yard, and a top up with Ecotrack on the outdoor arena

In 2015 we extended the indoor collecting ring to 60 metre length, and refreshed the whole indoor complex with Ecotrack
In 2014 we refurbished our 110 x 40 metre training arena with a sand and CLOPF surface, and used the old surface to improve our 160 x 80 turf arena. 
In 2014 we added IRO 300 tons of topsoil to Cross Country course, to level imperfections in the turf.  this saw overseeded this at a high rate with top quality “divot mix” racecourse grass seed. We are adding a compost to the courses several times a year to improve the turf (sourced from Growing Beds)
We continue to widen the rides through the woodland part of the course, to allow fresh ground for every track and every event
We have put down a new schooling field, that runs between top and bottom water complex.  The plan is to have permanent schooling availability (subject to weather) from February to October, and for the courses to only be used for events, and short runs of schooling, so that ground will never become tired again.  This includes top water complex, bottom water / coffin complexes and dedicated ditch and banks
There is a permanent all weather schooling area next to the “training arena” with bank complex, ditches and a dewpond water complex.  This guarantees 12 month schooling facilities at Keysoe (“out of season” we put portables on the training arena to give a full set of fences for schooling).  We will base a full “training” course of fences around this area to give a 60cms course within one viewing area perfect for young riders and young horses
The indoor arenas were improved with Martin Collins ex-Olympia surface (it is the best we could find), with a main arena 66 x 30 metres, a second arena 60 x 30 and space for a bar between the two.

Equestrian retail came in house July 2015, with Keysoe Boutique

We plan to grow our number of permanent stables to cover all normal shows
We intend to add hospitality areas to indoor complex as a second phase to the complex development




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