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Keysoe Cuddle Equine Therapy Ponies

Keysoe Cuddle Therapy Ponies Logo

Established in 2021, the Keysoe Cuddle Therapy Centre is situated within Keysoe International, tucked away in the rural outskirts of North Bedfordshire. Home to a number of beautiful ponies – ranging in height, age and colour. Our ponies are fully trained animal-assisted therapy ponies, able to offer a kind and gentle approach to adults and children alike.

Open for pre-booked visits, our team of therapy ponies are also able to travel around the UK for easy, stress-free visits.

Our team of expert handlers have exclusive care of the ponies too, ensuring your visit goes smoothly for a tranquil and calm session of pure happiness and serenity.

Animal-assisted equine therapy is a well-established therapeutic practice, which can be traced back to the Ancient Greek times. The gentle and calm nature of horses, allow them to be ideal partners to help children and adults better deal with mental, emotional and even physical health issues.

Scientific research has shown that there are many physical, psychological and emotional conditions that can benefit from animal-assisted therapy, such as ADHD, Austism, PTSD, Depression, Dementia and Chronic pain. Horses are extremely receptive and responsive to a person’s body language, emotion and energy, which makes for a beautiful therapeutic bond, with absolutely no pressure or judgement attached.

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