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Scroll down to find out more about our 10 beautiful miniature ponies:

Princess Pippa

Pippa was the very first pony to join the team at Keysoe back in November 2021 and what a first impression she made! With her incredible appaloosa spots & bushy hair, she certainly is a head turner when she is out and about around Keysoe International!

Pippa is the biggest of our ponies, is very inquisitive and loves kisses & cuddles! Pippa is only 5 years old so is still in her therapy training but is making excellent progress and we can’t wait to get her out soon to meet and greet some lovely caring people!

Trinity & Flame

This dynamic duo are joint at the hip! As mother and son, Trinity (aged 12) has cared for Flame (aged 7) all of her life and they stick together throughout the days, even through sharing a stable! They play together, eat together and make the perfect pair of therapy miniatures!

Trinity & Flame joined the team at the end of November 2021 shortly after Princess Pippa where they made excellent friends for life!

This pair are our most advanced therapy ponies through doing some community work in their previous home, so they are professionals at giving top class cuddles and are ready to get out and about very soon!


Teddy joined the cuddle team at the end of November last year and became the fourth member of our ever growing team of miniatures! Aged just 5 years old, Teddy is one of our more sensitive ponies but is still extremely loving and kind.

Teddy quickly became a top hit with the staff at Keysoe with his magical markings and his close resemblance to a real life teddy bear! He is making amazing progress towards becoming one of the loveliest therapy ponies, whilst also being an incredible babysitter to some of our younger ponies on the yard!


3 year old Mouse is certainly a cheeky character to have around the yard! When he arrived in December last year he measured in at just 30inches and was a little bundle of joy! His stunning skewbald markings make him stand out from the crowd, especially when he is enjoying his days running around the field with his friends!

With Mouse having already been out on a couple of therapy visits since he has been with us, he is extremely well behaved for a young pony and is heading towards being a super therapy pony!


Dinky joined the team in December 2021 alongside her friend Mouse. Dinky came to us as a nervous pony who was shy and unsure on human interactions. Upon arrival Dinky suffered from some skin issues and required a little bit of TLC from our amazing vets.

Since then and after some care and attention, Dinky has now become one of the sweetest ponies on the yard and is blossoming with her spotted roan coat which is coming through! Dinky has become a confident pony and loves a morning cuddle and a scratch with our amazing cuddle therapy team!

Little Bob

Little Bob is the beautiful son of Dinky and joined the team aged just 5 months old alongside Mouse and Dinky in December. Bob arrived as a completely unhandled tiny foal who had never even worn a headcollar!

Since then, he has now learnt all of the basics of leading, tying up, grooming and making friends with human and horses, proving to be an amazing little pony in every aspect.

Little Bob is the cheekiest of characters on the yard and is always on the look out for trouble and mischief! He has now been weened from Dinky, giving her some well deserved rest and is now under the strict supervision of Teddy who keeps him in line at all times!


5 year old Barbie joined us earlier this year as the last pony to complete the Keysoe Cuddle Therapy Team! Joining Willow with their stunning palomino coats, she really is a real life Barbie pony!

Barbie loves to greet everyone on the yard with her little neigh as she hears a visitor coming around the corner and falls asleep with her chin on the door in the sun. She loves attention and a good groom from the team, whilst also galloping around the field with her beautiful flowing golden mane and tail!


Tinkerbella is the smallest of our ponies and is aged just 3 years old. She is certainly a cheeky character and loves zooming round the fields with her boyfriend Mouse! Mouse and Tinkerbella do absolutely everything together! They sleep in the same stable, eat together, drink together and turn out in the field together!

Tinkerbella joined us in January 2022 and has been a fantastic addition to the team. She is a loving pony who enjoys a fuss and puts a smile on people’s faces.


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