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Frances Murray

Frances manages our Therapy Centre and has a wealth of experience and knowledge both around Education and Horses.

Frances is a qualified teacher, and a qualified BHS Stage 4 Coach. Prior to this role, Frances was a College and University lecturer in Equine and Agriculture Studies.

Frances has supported the Therapy Centre’s growth from its early beginnings and has seen us through our County and BHS approval, and many other required Licenses.

Frances has two dogs called Parsnip and Relish and enjoys teaching at Pony Club in her spare time.


Bethan Spavins

Bethan works closely with all our animals, looking after their daily care and exercise.

She has experience of working with a wide range and grew up around cows, sheep, and goats. Bethan has a Level 3 extended Diploma in Animal Care and a Level 2 Extended Certificate in Agriculture.

At home, Bethan has a cheeky cob called Beanie and a pet cow that’s she had for 10 years called Lucky Stripe!

Elisabeth Cooper

Lis is our qualified teacher, having worked for 20 years with children in a mainstream school setting, and she has also worked with a wide range of Special Educational Needs.

Lis works with the children and vulnerable adults who are referred to the Therapy Centre. This can be through a long-term, or short-term program designed to support a range of needs (from academic, through to behavioral and/or educational.) Lis also works with the children at our Keysoe Academy days.

Lis owns an Arabian gelding called Tas and also has many other unusual pets at home such as Fancy Rats and several pet snakes!


Kaylea Jackson

Kaylea is our super organized admin lady - working tirelessly behind the scenes here at the Keysoe Therapy Centre!

She takes all our bookings and manages all day-to-day administrative tasks. Prior to joining us, Kaylea worked for 11 years in another administrative role and joined us with plenty of experience.

Kaylea loves to travel and spent 2 years journeying through South/Central America and Asia. She also used to ride as a child and since joining us, has taken up lessons again and is happy to be back in the horse world.


Lucy Fripp

Lucy keeps the ponies and the yard organized on a day-to-day basis. She has a Level 3 Diploma in Horse care and Management and is also a qualified KEITS Level 3 Coach.

Lucy enjoys working with the children who come to us for Keysoe Academy events and will also work one-to-one to support children with additional needs in these settings if required.

In her spare time Lucy likes to stay active and enjoys dancing and going to the Gym. She also has two gorgeous cats called Beauty and Beau, who live on the site and enjoy attention from all the team!


Sarah Woods

Sarah is one of Yard Supervisors and works with both the ponies and the customers who come to visit us.

She is also one of our designated drivers and transports the ponies to eternal events such as school or hospital visits. Sarah has a BHS level 2 and holds an HGV Driving License.

Sarah has her own 23-year-old horse called Shanty and three Miniature Shetlands at home. She also has two giant Schnauzers called Diesel and Kala.


Alex Rowland

Alex works closely with the therapy ponies – exercising them and ensuring they are well cared for. She has an extremely caring nature and our animals and guests respond very well to her humorous approach to things.

Alex says having a supportive team is lovely and one of her favourite things about working here is enabling her to put her theory work into practice. Especially as she finds she learns best hands on.

Alex is responsible for the day-to-day care of our ponies and also attends external visits, and Academy events.

At home Alex has a nineteen-year-old mare called Lola and a young dog called Loki.

Vicky Shewell

Vicky has a wealth of experience and is a qualified HGV driver, along with having her BHS Stage 3.

Vicky is very organized and deals with the record keeping for our eleven ponies. Prior to working at our Therapy Centre Vicky ran her own livery yard.

Vicky has a young horse called Gary that she rescued. which she has just started and is beginning to take him out for his first few competitions.