Online Code of Conduct


We request that all persons who have interactions with us and about us online do so responsibly, constructively and respectfully.

Whilst it is rare for anybody to deliberately behave inappropriately, actions can cause unintentional harm so it is worth reflecting on expectations and norms for communicating responsibly online.

Please do not post or share content that is offensive, discriminatory, defamatory or harassing and treat others with respect and professionalism in all online interactions, including when handling disagreements or criticism constructively. Please comply with all relevant laws, including those related to defamation, privacy, copyright, and intellectual property rights.

Keysoe International have zero tolerance when it comes to cyberbullying, harassment, or trolling. If you post something inappropriate or offensive, KI Management will delete the comment.  If this should happen repeatedly, you will be blocked from all Keysoe International Ltd platforms and from attending any Keysoe International events.

We promote and encourage good online behaviour to maintain a welcoming and respectful community on all our forums and thank you for your co-operation in this matter.

Keysoe Management


KIF-0035 Revision 1
Last updated 10th November 2023